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Meeting CityChurch NameAlternate NameEthnic GroupLanguageCountry
AuroraFirst Hmong Alliance Church of C&MA Hmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobThailand, Laos
BolingbrookFilipino Community Baptist Church Filipino Philippines
ChicagoAssyrian Evangelical Covenant Church AssyrianAssyrian, Syriac (Surit) or AramaicIraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey
ChicagoChicago Tamil Church TamilTamilIndia
ChicagoFilipino Immanuel Baptist Church Filipino Philippines
ChicagoIglesia Bautista El MesíasIglesia El Mesías1st Generation HispanicSpanish, EspañolMexico, Guatemala and Puerto Rico
ChicagoIglesia del Pacto Evangelico Belen HispanicSpanish, EspañolMexico
ChicagoIglesia del Pacto Evangelico Douglas ParkIglesia del Pacto Evangélico Douglas ParkHispanicSpanish, EspañolMexico
ChicagoIglesia del Pacto Evangelico GraceIglesia del Pacto Evangélico GraceHispanicSpanish, EspañolMexico
ChicagoIglesia del Pacto Evangelico PenielIglesia del Pacto Evangélico PenielHispanicSpanish, EspañolMexico
ChicagoSaint Elias Christian Church ArabArabicPalestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan
ChicagoSerbian Seventh Day Adventist Church Serbian and MontenegrinSerbianSerbia and Montenegro
ChicagoVietnamese Faith Community VietnameseVietnameseVietnam
DixonHmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobThailand, Laos
Elk Grove VillageNorthwest Filipino Baptist Church Filipino Philippines
EvanstonNouvelle Église Baptist MissionaireNouvelle Eglise Baptist MissionaireFrench, FrançaisFrench, FrançaisFrance
Forest ParkMangalorean Konkan Christian Association Indian India
GlenviewGlenview Korean Covenant Church KoreanKoreanSouth Korea
GrayslakeDivine Power Outreach Ministries Afro American USA
Hanover ParkIglesia del Pacto Evangelico Renacer HispanicSpanish, EspañolMexico
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