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Meeting CityChurch NameAlternate NameEthnic GroupLanguageCountry
BrandonBrandon Chinese Christian Church百蘭頓華人基督教會ChineseChineseChina
WinnipegBraeside Evangelical Mennonite ChurchIglesia Evangelica Menonita BraesideLatin, HispanicspanishMexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru
WinnipegChinese United Church of Winnipeg溫城華人聯合教會ChineseChineseChina
WinnipegFilipino Evangelical Church FilipinoEnglishPhilippines
WinnipegIglesia Jesus es el Camino HispanicSpanish, EspañolMexico
WinnipegKorean Mennonite MinistryCharleswood Mennonite ChurchKoreanKoreanSouth Korea
WinnipegOromo Christian Fellowship OromoOromo, Afaan Oromoo, OromiffaEthiopia
WinnipegUkrainian Evangelical Baptist Church UkrainianUkrainianUkraine
WinnipegUnited Evangelical Oromo Church of Manitoba OromoOromo, Afaan Oromoo, OromiffaEthiopia
WinnipegVietnamese Mennonite Church VietnameseVietnameseVietnam
WinnipegWinnipeg Chinese Alliance Church溫城華人宣道會ChineseChineseChina
WinnipegWinnipeg Chinese Mennonite Brethren Church溫城基督教華人門諾弟兄會華恩堂ChineseChineseChina
WinnipegWinnipeg Chinese Mennonite Church溫城國語教會ChineseChineseChina
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