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What is the Ethnic Church Directory?

This directory includes Christian church congregations that focus on a particular ethnic people group, or groups. Usually the congregation will have a primary emphasis on first or second-generation immigrants throughout the year.

Many of the nations have come to America and Canada. We can participate in the mission to have representatives from all nations (ethne, ethnic people groups, tribes) worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ before the throne.


  • Help people of other cultures, and especially immigrants, find an appropriate church home
  • There are some directories that focus on a denomination, one particular ethnic group, or a small geographical area. This directory strives to span those boundaries and provide a "big picture" high level view of what God is doing among the nations. 
  • Help link individuals and organizations with similar interests and missions
  • Help people understand the wonderful ways God is working among the nations right here within our own region
  • Participate in God's mission and desire to have a loving, covenant relationship with all nations

Who We Are

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Note: Even though there is technically only one Christian Church with numerous congregations, this site adopts the common use of the word "church" as also including the local congregation e.g. house church, First Baptist Church, etc.

Technical Information

For the few who are curious...

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