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  • Pray for those looking for an ethnic church where they can belong
  • Pray for Christian leaders encouraged to collaborate and act like a "body" working together, and needing each other, in unity and understanding
  • Pray for the people developing and running this site
  • Pray for the technical needs of this site and protection against hackers and spammers

Add More Ethnic Churches to the Directory

  • Use the link on the right end of the top menu to submit information for another church
  • Add ethnic churches you know
  • Add ethnic churches in your state or region
  • Add ethnic churches in your denomination
  • Search the Internet and find more ethnic churches and add them to the directory
  • Be sure the churches you add meet the directory criteria. We have a strong desire to not be a generic church directory. The Internet already has plenty of those.

Make the Directory More Accurate and Useful

  • Use the link at the bottom of each church page to request changes to a listing
  • If you can more accurately describe the ethnic group served by the congregation, let us know.
  • If you have a more accurate description of the language in a congregation, let us know. For example, those of us who speak and read only English cannot easily tell if a web page contains Mandarin Chinese or Chinese Simplified or Chinese Traditional or even Japanese. Please help us out.
  • Let us know if you have more accurate information about a congregation.

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