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Prayer Station for Global Day of Prayer in Forest Lake, Minnesota

Christian Whirled View - Articles and media to stir the church. Topics include the potential relationship between the gift of tongues and missions, music style in heaven, God's character over the centuries, participating in God's mission and much more. The site may not provide all the answers. But it is willing to raise some questions and share some fresh perspectives.

OurTimeHas.Com - Articles about relationships and life, with an audience of both Christians and non-Christians. For the most part, the writing here has a "softer" approach than Christian Whirled View.

Sheep and Quotes - Site with inspirational and challenging quotes. More coming...

iconduet - Business site with a few examples of Flash movies you might want on your web site. There is also a portfolio page with some of my work.

RonHedberg - Kind of a resume site with links to most of my work projects in recent years

IAmNotAGoat - Relates to Sheep and Goats article on the Christian Whirled View site

If you wish to fund a site about the declining attendance at American Christian churches, please let me know. Rather than a blame game, the hope is for some understanding from all perspectives and a healthy change towards a relevant church for today's world. The hope is to include the perspective of those no longer attending traditional church and get at the real reasons for that.

And at least a few more sites planned and coming...

And, don't worry, there are several messages in my head waiting to be written or created for these sites too! Or maybe you should worry!?  smiley face At least I'm not as radical as Jesus.

Other Ministry Sites Designed by Ron Hedberg

CitySites Urban Media - Larry Kutzler and crew are probably more in tune with what God is doing in the Twin Cities area than any other person. God is proactively at work these days. And CitySites has had a role with numerous ministries. Podcast available.

Discipleship Fundamentals - A local ministry has done a great service for the Christian community by making many original works and compilations available to you for free. The site has hundreds of resources.

Good News for Israel - This ministry has lots of great knowledge and insight into how our Jewish faith roots are important in fully understanding Christianity. They also have an active ministry in sharing with Jews about Yeshua. Podcast available.

CHAT Radio - Great devotionals and interviews with popular Christian book authors are on this site. The primary audience is Christian women. But there are lots of good things for men too! Podcast available.

And more planned...

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